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4 Things to do Before Booking UCAT

4 Things to do Before Booking UCAT

From planning around your other deadlines to looking at revision materials early, here are the key things you need to consider before booking your UCAT test.

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1. Plan around other commitments

You’ll have the whole of July to take the UCAT, so it’s a good idea to sit down and think about if you have any other deadlines or holidays planned during this time.

The UCAT takes around six weeks of preparation, so we’d recommend booking the test for a time where you know you’ll have this length of time to prep beforehand.

For example, if you have a family holiday booked early July, it may not be a good idea to book your UCAT the day you get back as you won’t have had much time to prepare! If you have a part-time job, think about how you can fit this around your UCAT prep, so you can give yourself as much time as possible.

You can also read our blog on Which UCAT Test Date Should I Book? for more advice.

2. Cast an eye over UCAT questions

It’s important to have a brief look at the format of the test and questions before you book your test – just in case it seems incredibly difficult and you feel you may need slightly longer to prepare (and especially if, as above, you have other commitments in July).

So – where you can find UCAT questions? We have thousands in our UCAT Question Bank which you can use – as well as UCAT preparation tips, and a UCAT FAQs page, where we answer some common questions about the exam.

Spend some time familiarising yourself with the format of the test and the kinds of questions you may be asked to get a feel for it before you decide on a date. Once you’ve spent some time completing a few questions you’ll be able to guage how long it’ll take you to get comfortable with them.

See our guide to using UCAT questions here.

3. Select a UCAT test date

Once you’ve assessed roughly how much you’ll need to practise, and when your other commitments are, you can then book your test date.

There are a range of things to consider when booking your test, such as:

You can see our advice for each of these questions on our Which UCAT Test Date Should I Book? blog.

Depending on your commitments, it may be a good idea to select a date near the mid to end of July to give yourself the longest preparation time – but this is entirely up to you!

4. Find your revision materials

The best way to practise for the UCAT is to practise online on a computer, to simulate the real thing. You can use the practice questions and mock tests in our UCAT Question Bank for this.

The more you practise, the more you’ll find the most effective revision strategies for you – whether that’s breaking down your prep into a few hours per day, or dedicating one day to it, with breaks, per week.

You can also read our blog on How to Create an Effective UCAT Revision Timetable here!

Good luck!


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