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5 Ways to Prepare Academically Before Medical School

5 Ways to Prepare Academically For Medical School

Many budding medical students want to do their best to prepare for medical school. Here are five ways you can prepare academically before your studies formally begin.

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1. Start looking over recommended textbooks

Once you are accepted into the course, often the university provides a list of recommended textbooks. These textbooks will provide a good overview of the content you need to learn.

If you would like to get ahead early, you can try looking over topics such as human biology, anatomy, physiology and basic pharmacology.

Remember that once you start medical school, you will have a lot more guidance and practical teaching in these areas. Don’t freak out if they look difficult or you’re not sure what is important to know just yet!

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2. Check your course outlines

After your initial enrolment, you will be able to access your course outlines. Course outlines provide information such as what you will be learning and when. They often also provide links to extra resources to help you start learning ahead of time.

Course outlines often include dates and details of upcoming assessments. It can be helpful to mark these in a diary or calendar to stay organised. Understanding the assessments you’re aiming towards, can help guide your initial learning and revision.

3. Read about the experiences of other medical students and doctors

Many students find it useful to read about other medical students and doctors. Visit your local library or book store and ask for recommended medical biographies.

Reading about the experiences of others may help you feel more prepared and intrigued about the journey that lies ahead. It is also interesting to hear the interesting and varied stories from each biography.

You can also try reading blog sites – just like this one! They contain lots of useful tips and advice from medical students and doctors.

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4. Get in touch with current medical students

Talking to current medical students is a great way to find out how to prepare for your first few months of medical school. They will have a good understanding of the content and expectations of the course. Current students may have useful resources and tips gained from their experiences.

There are multiple ways of getting in touch with current medical students. Most universities will have a medical student social group which you can join once you are accepted into the course. As your first year begins, many social and networking events can be a great place to meet older students. If you are keen to start networking earlier, you can try emailing contacts at the University for ways to meet current students.

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5. Take time to rest and relax

It’s important to balance preparation with taking time to rest and relax. I personally found it important to take time out to enjoy my hobbies and spend time with friends before starting medical school.

This worked well for me as it can be a busy time starting out as a medical student. Remember that medical school is going to be filled with a lot of new content and opportunities to learn. Don’t feel pressured to know everything before you get there!

Words: Mary Agapides

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