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Tutoring FAQs

Interested in booking UCAT tutoring but have some questions first? We answer the most commonly asked questions on this page.

Interested in tutoring and want bespoke help with your UCAT preparation? Try our UCAT Tutoring!

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Who are The Medic Portal’s tutors?

Our tutors are fully trained by our Head of Academia to deliver the highest quality tutoring for all stages of the medical school application process. Our tutors are either qualified doctors or high-achieving medicine students from top medical schools.

Will my tutoring session be tailored to my needs?

Yes, all tutoring sessions are entirely tailored to suit you. Once you have booked your session, you will be sent a requirements form in which you can specify what you’d like to cover in the sessions. For example, if you’d like to solely focus on UCAT Verbal Reasoning, your tutor will be happy to accommodate this.

Where will the tutoring happen?

Tutoring sessions can be delivered either in-person or online via Skype.

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person tutoring?

Yes – our tutoring is of the highest quality, whether this is done online or in-person. Online tutoring is a very popular option, and students will be able to screen share via Skype with their tutors from the comfort of their own home. Our tutors are experienced at delivering both in-person and online.

How do I book tutoring and when will my session be confirmed?

You can book your tutoring session via our UCAT Tutoring page and we will be in touch via email as soon as we have confirmed your session.

Can I book a tutoring session at the weekend or in the evening?

Usually, yes. Subject to tutor availability, we can usually coordinate your tutoring session in the evening and on weekends.

How many hours should I book my first session for?

We generally recommend booking your first session for two hours – and you can then book more sessions as required.

How soon can you book in my session?

We will do our best to accommodate your needs – however please note that there is more chance for us to accommodate the date you’d like for your session if you provide more notice.

Can I request a specific tutor to deliver my session?

We make sure that all of our tutors are trained to an exceptionally high standard – however if you would rather book your session with a specific tutor we will try our best to accommodate your request.

How do I book repeat sessions with the same tutor?

Please contact us on and we will be happy to co-ordinate your repeat session with the tutor.

Is it okay if my friend or a member of my family sits in on the session?

Yes, friends and family members can attend in-person sessions or sit in on online sessions.

What happens if I am unavoidably late to my tutoring session?

If you are running late to your session, please email your tutor to let them know. Please note that we are usually unable to extend your pre-allocated time slot, so please do your best to ensure you arrive on time.


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