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UCAT Questions: UCAT Practice Questions

A strong UCAT score is key to a ensuring you receive invites to interview from medical schools in Australia and New Zealand – so it’s essential you prepare well for the exam by completing UCAT practice questions! Our UCAT Question Bank includes thousands of UCAT questions across all sections of the test – perfect preparation!

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How many questions are there in UCAT ANZ?

In total, there are 232 questions in the UCAT, with a different number of questions for each section. You can see the number of questions per section below:

SectionNumber of questions
Verbal Reasoning44
Quantitative Reasoning36
Abstract Reasoning55
Decision Making29
Situational Judgement68

How do UCAT questions differ from UMAT questions?

When you review UCAT practice questions, you’ll spot some key differences between the new exam and the old UMAT test.  

Although the UMAT and UCAT assess many of the same qualities and skills (for example, numerical skills, problem-solving, non-verbal reasoning), it’s important to note that the question formats will be different.

Unlike the UMAT, which is a paper test, the UCAT is a computerised exam with an online calculator, so it’s essential you practise on a computer to replicate the test as best you can.

The Medic Portal’s online questions are designed to replicate the real UCAT exam as closely as possible, so you can ensure you’re getting realistic UCAT practice questions.

Want to know more about the difference between the UMAT and UCAT? Read our UMAT to UCAT page to see key differences here.

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Where can I find UCAT practice questions and UCAT question examples?

You can find UCAT practice questions and UCAT question examples on our UCAT Question BankOur Question Bank is designed to provide you with comprehensive preparation material for the exam. So – why should you use our questions?

After completing a large number of free questions in each section, you’ll be asked for a small one-off subscription fee for unlimited, season-long access to all questions. This will go towards maintaining the resource and keeping it as up to date as possible for all users.

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How can I use UCAT ANZ questions to learn UCAT strategy?

One of the best tricks for performing well in the UCAT is to have a strategy for approaching the test. The Medic Portal has already helped thousands of students learn key strategies from UCAT experts in the UK – and now we’re bringing our proven, doctor-created resources to a new UCAT community in Australia.

To complement your own preparation with questions, on our in-person UCAT Courses in Sydney and Melbourne, you can learn key strategies from our UCAT experts to prepare you for each section of the exam.

Or, if you prefer to learn from home, you can try our Online UCAT Course for seven hours of expert video tutorials to help you with your preparation. 

You can also find out more about each section of the UCAT on our individual page guides:

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