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UCAT Scores

As this is the first year that the UCAT has been taken in Australia and New Zealand, you may be confused about how UCAT scores work. This guide explains everything you need to know about your score, from how the test is marked to when you’ll receive your results.

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What do UCAT scores mean?

Your UCAT score is indicative of how well you’re suited to studying medicine. Each section of the test assesses a specific set of skills necessary to becoming a great doctor – for example, comprehension skills, analytical skills, numerical skills, professionalism and spatial awareness.

In short: a high score means that you’d be suited to a career in medicine – so lots of practice is crucial to making this score the best it can be! You can read more on our UCAT preparation page.

What is the UCAT ANZ out of?

The UCAT ANZ test as a whole is out of 3600. The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Making sections of the test are scored out of 900. In Situational Judgement, you can score between Band 4 and Band 1 (Band 1 being the highest).

How is the UCAT ANZ scored?

The UCAT ANZ is scored by awarding one point per correct answer for Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. 

In Decision Making, questions with one correct answer are awarded one mark too – but questions with multiple statements are worth two marks. You can also gain marks by choosing a partially correct answer for these question types.

For these four sections, your score is then calculated into a number between 300 and 900.

In Situational Judgement, you may score points if your answers are close to the correct one – but this section of the UCAT is marked slightly differently, and you will be given a Band between 1 and 4 (1 being the highest).

You can see more about how the different sections are marked in the table below:

UCAT SectionHow is this scored?How many marks is each question worth?
Verbal ReasoningYour raw score is scaled into a score between 300 and 900 points. Questions are worth 1 mark each.

Quantitative ReasoningSame as above.Questions are worth 1 mark each.

Abstract ReasoningSame as above.Questions are worth 1 mark each.

Decision MakingSame as above.Questions with one correct answer are worth 1 mark.

Questions with multiple statements are worth 2 marks. One mark is awarded to partially correct responses on the multiple-statement questions.
Situational JudgementYour raw score falls into a category between Band 1 and Band 4, with Band 1 being the highest.In Situational Judgement you may score points for providing answers close to the correct one.

When do UCAT ANZ results come out?

You will be given your UCAT ANZ results as soon as you’ve finished sitting the test. You can then know your score before you make your applications to medical school, so you can apply strategically.

What UCAT score do you need for medicine?

There’s no specific UCAT score you need to study medicine. Different medical schools in Australia will require different scores, so it’s important you do your research so you can apply strategically.

For example, some universities will decide on a cut-off score, and only invite applicants to interview if they have scored above this – whereas others may place more emphasis on your grades than the UCAT in the admissions process.

How do Australian universities use UCAT scores?

Each medical school will use your UCAT score differently, but many will have cut-off scores used to invite applicants to interview.

As UCAT is new for 2020 entry, it is unclear how Australian and New Zealand medical schools will be using scores.

However, to give you an indication of how scores have been used in the past: last year the University of Adelaide ranked applicants from highest to lowest according to their UMAT scores, with the top performing students invited to interview.

Monash University, on the other hand, had cut-off UMAT scores. They required students to have achieved a minimum of 50 for each of the three sections of the UMAT, and based their selection for interview on a combination of UMAT scores and ATAR results.

The UCAT Constortium will pass your score to the universities you have applied to – so you don’t need to pass your results to the medical schools themselves.

What is the average UCAT ANZ score?

The average UCAT score differs year on year, but generally falls between 620 and 630. Last year in the UK (where the test has been taken by aspiring medics for years), the average UCAT score was 621.

 Verbal ReasoningDecision MakingQuantitative ReasoningAbstract ReasoningTotal Score
2018 (end of testing)5676246586372485
2017 (end of testing)5706476956292540

These were the final 2018 scores for Situational Judgement:

 Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
2018 (end of testing)21% 34% 32% 13%
2017 (end of testing)28% 42% 21% 9%

What is a good UCAT ANZ score?

A good UCAT score is considered to be between 660 and 690. To be in with a good chance of gaining a place at your top-choice medical school in Australia, practice is essential to boost your score.

How long does a UCAT score last?

Your UCAT score lasts for one year. So if you sit the test in July 2019, you will be applying for 2020 entry to university.

If you aren’t happy with your score, however, this does mean you’ll need to sit the test a year later.

Got more questions about test scores? Visit our UCAT FAQs page.

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