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UCAT Verbal Reasoning

What is UCAT Verbal Reasoning?

UCAT Verbal Reasoning is designed to assess your ability to process written information and to draw conclusions from passages of text. In this section of the UCAT, you will be asked to read a 200 – 300-word passage of text – and you will then have to answer four related questions.

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Why is Verbal Reasoning assessed?

As a doctor, you will be need to read a range of complex information and relay this to your patients clearly, and so good communication skills are essential.

You will also need good comprehension skills, as you’ll be required to draw your own conclusions from published findings. UCAT Verbal Reasoning is designed to test you on these skills.

What is the UCAT Verbal Reasoning Format?

This is the format of UCAT Verbal Reasoning:

FormatVerbal Reasoning
Questions 44
Timing21 minutes
Question typeTrue/False/Can’t tell or Free text

In Verbal Reasoning, there are two main question types:

  1. True/False/Can’t Tell

In these questions, you will be presented with a passage of text and then a statement related to the passage you have just read. You will then need to answer whether the statement is true, false, or if you cannot tell either way from the information presented.

Something key to remember with these question types is that it’s important not to use any prior knowledge – so only base your answers on the information provided in the passage.

  1. Free text

The second type of question type for Verbal Reasoning is the ‘free text’ kind. With these questions, you will be presented with a passage of text and then a question or incomplete statement with four answer options. You will then need to select the most suitable response.

Many students find this section of the exam the most time pressured, so completing lots of practice questions is essential. You can find thousands of practice questions on our UCAT Question Bank.

How does UCAT Verbal Reasoning Compare to UMAT?

There are a few differences and similarities between UMAT and UCAT. Read below to find out how UCAT Verbal Reasoning differs to the sections of the UMAT…

UMAT to UCAT Verbal Reasoning: Similarities

UMAT to UCAT Verbal Reasoning: Differences

Want to know more about the difference between the UMAT and UCAT? Read our UMAT to UCAT page to see key differences here.

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